Tony is available to educate youngsters and entertain adults with his captivating multimedia personally narrated programs. Topics range from the search and discovery of an 18th century Great Lakes schooner to diving with exotic wild beasts in Thailand. Did you know that the world's largest species of shark currently living is a gentle giant? Tony met up with one in Thailand, up close and personal, that is... eye to eye.

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Tony Gramer of Canton Michigan is an award winning underwater photographer, cinematographer, adventurer, history buff, and shipwreck sleuth. Through his passion for exotic travel and shipwreck discovery & exploration, he has become a well known speaker at a national level.

The new figurehead from "The Sandusky - A New Beginning"

The next live presentations: The DEMA Show Orlando, Florida 11/1/17 to 11/4/17 presenting Never Stop Exploring